Restore - zero waste returnable personal care. We refill - You reuse.


Your favourite products, now in returnable packaging.

We Refill, You Reuse!


Organic, natural and vegan, Rustic Art’s products are real self love, now in refillable packaging.


Amrutam (अमृतम) is an Ayurvedic lifestyle brand that strongly believes in the idea of “Health is beauty”.


Vilvah is where natural goodness meets modern science, now leading the way with refillable packaging.


Coco Custo’s laundry detergent made out of non toxic ingredients is revolutionizing the way we wash.

your favourite brands now in returnable packaging
your products in durable containers
the products on WhatsApp once your bottle is empty
your empty bottles in exchange for full ones at your doorstep
Being zero waste is now super easy!

You’ve been paying for the cost of the bottle all this time, we’ve simply made it transparent and refundable. This allows us to reduce the overall cost of the product itself.

Nope! Just return the bottle in the bag you received it. We'll take care of the rest.

All our products are available at the same or lower price as their single use counterparts! For products that were previously in plastic, you can save money on your refill order as well.
When you place an order for the refill, you don't pay for the price of the packaging again. Besides, the deposit is a 100% refundable anyway :)

When you request a refill for your product, we deliver a new filled bottle to your doorstep and pickup the empty one at the same time.

We pick up the bottles in the same trip as the delivery. The CO2 emissions from cleaning and picking up a bottle are significantly lower than the energy required to extract resources and make a new bottle. You can read more in detail about it here.

We take back your older plastic bottles for recycling, however we cannot refill them.
Our cleaning and refilling machinery is configured to work with certain types of bottles. We can refill bottles only in the same packaging that we provide it in. As long as the packaging is the same, even from another store, you can order a refill from us on WhatsApp without paying the deposit here.

Our external packaging is made from upcycled newspaper bags made by an NGO. If you don't have another need for these bags you can always return them to us as well!
You can read our entire list of FAQs here
The Carbon Footprint of Reuse

The Carbon Footprint of Reuse

One common question around reuse models that comes up frequently is the carbon cost associated with the additional logistics of picking up the bottle and the water associated with washing it. At first...
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