Frequently Asked Questions

We currently deliver only in the Mumbai region. Confirm your pincode is serviceable during the checkout process.

We are expanding our service area soon. Signup to be notified!

We do not accept returns for personal care products that have been opened for hygiene and safety reasons.

If for some reason you believe you have received a defective product. Reach out to us on or WhatsApp us on 8591017139 and let us know.

All bottles are mechanically cleaned inside and outside with an industrial strength cleaner on collection. They are then rested for 48 hours before being put back into circulation.

All of our staff are equipped with appropriate safety and health gear during handling and filling of bottles.

Delivery is free for orders above ₹1000. Orders below ₹1000 have a flat ₹50 delivery charge. Pickups are Free.

Delivery and pickups are on Wednesdays and Saturdays only. Containers will be exchanged during the next delivery.

You can modify your drop off and delivery date by letting us know over WhatsApp - 8591017139

Once your bottles are collected after use we will refund you the deposit amount 2-3 working days after receiving the bottles.

If the bottles are damaged, we will notify you during the pickup process and the deposit will be used to replace the bottles. Visit to schedule a return or refill

Our plastic pumps are cleaned and reused along with the bottles.

If the pumps are damaged and no longer operational. They are disassembled to their constituent parts and recycled.

Our goal is to prevent any waste materials from entering the waste stream be it plastic, glass or any other material. Plastic is a versatile and useful material that has been misused. Restore aims to change that by keeping resources in circulation for as long as possible. Recycling these materials at the end of life is our responsibility, not yours.

It is normal for polished aluminum bottles to get a few scratches or dents along their (now much longer) life.

We try to ensure a bottle is used at least 5 times to offset the carbon footprint of making the bottle. Ideally they can be used much more than that.

If you feel a bottle is damaged to an extremely large extent let us know and we can take it out of circulation and send it to our recycling partner to be made into a brand new bottle.
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